“New” Pearl #3 - need hook springs

I’m brand new to this, just getting the press put together. I have my new rollers on new cores (thanks Tarheel) and am almost ready to get started. However, my old press was apparently altered many years ago. The hook springs don’t match one another, with one of them appearing to be very heavy gauge, like a garage door spring. It looks like the hooks have an unusually high amount of wear because of it.

My question is this:
Does anyone know an acceptable hardware-store-available replacement for the hook springs? And, barring that, does anyone have some #3 hook springs laying around that they want to get rid of?

Heck, while I’m at it, does anyone have any hooks?

Maybe I’m posting in the wrong spot, if so, sorry!
Thanks to all whose posts have helped me thus far.

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Mike Anton has been very helpful with spare parts for my Golding Pearl restorations.

Here is his email:
[email protected]

And his website is here:

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks Daniel,
I will see what he says.

Haven’t heard back about the springs. Anyone else have any ideas?

try na graphics in colorado, or letterpress things in massachusetts, then there’s don black in canada, maybe excelsoir press in new jersey. good luck dick g. i think your best chance is with the guy daniel recommended.

I might be able to help. I have these hooks and springs. They are from a Golding Pearl, but, I am not sure which model. If they look like they might be close, contact me by email and we can compare some measurements to see if they might fit your press. They are in really good shape and came from a shop that had both #3’s and #11’s

image: 100_2853.JPG


Thanks everyone! I’ve got some great leads, I’ll come running back here if they don’t pan out.

Well, I’m stll looking! I’ll try Mike again, but I was really hoping to get an easy to find, readily available substitute. Something like “the door spring to a ‘94 Maytag washing machine.” I know it’s a pipe dream, but that was my hope!
Thanks for your help, everyone. I’ll report back if I figure something out.
Tony T.