Does anyone know what is the role of this part in a Golding?

Hello Briar Press people, I bought recently a Golding (probably Jobber 6) and I keep finding more parts and interesting functions. Well, anything seems interesting to me as a beginner printer.
This is a photo of the inside of the machine, on the same side of the flywheel. Does anyone know what is its function? It moves as the wheel is turned but I can’t see the cause and effect for it.

image: inside.jpg


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The red writing didn’t come out very clearly. The part has a spring and a knob at the lower end. The attachment on the left makes part move side to side.

Hi lishii,

That is called the duplex distributor. It is for better inking. There is a curved press-wide plate that can be rotated in and out of use by pulling on the spring loaded pin. When in working position, it helps re- ink the rollers after they pass over the forme and on to the curved plate. That way the rollers receive ink from the disk before the downward pass, and ink from the duplex distributor before the upward pass effectively double inking between prints. The other end of the mechanism rides in a groove on a rotating shaft of the press making the duplex distributor move a small amount right and left. It is affectionately called the wigwag. It is just one of the features that make the Golding Jobbers print very well. Hope this helps.

Golding Official No 2
Golding Official No 9
Golding Pearl
Golding Jobber No 6
Golding Jobber Art Series No 18

thanks again John ! that is amazing. Do you know were I can find more information on the different parts of the Golding Jobber presses? I have searched many posts and asked questions here with not much luck in the search for a manual. Haven’t been able to find much on the net either. Any leads on finding a manual or any notes would be greatly appreciated.

here’s a photo of the parts for mine I restored. I’ve got a video of it in action someplace too.

Thanks Stanislaus, what a great resource!

Lammy, that #7 looks amazing. Mine looks like a ball of grease compared to yours at the moment! I cleaned mine superficially as i wouldn’t dare taking it apart. It is fine to print for now. I also saw your #21, it is a real giant; four rollers, nice!

Now that i know what the part is and how useful it is I cant stop thinking about it. I have been researching at the AAPP website and it seems that the missing parts are the semi-cylindrical plate that goes under the bed and the extra roller. Does anyone know if it is possible to find these parts somewhere?

Hi Leo,

Try putting a wanted post in the classified section of the site. Also, I sold just what you are looking for recently to Ruben in Mountainside NJ. I think he purchased it just in case he might need it. Try contacting him to see if he is interested in selling. He has posted recently. Search Golding in classifeds.

Thanks John,

I will pursue that.