Gary Hewitt 

Gary Hewitt, Letterpress Instruction

(Note - we have received a memo from a member that this person is no longer tutoring. If anyone has any other updates on this listing, feel free to contact us.)

Have been setting up and running letterpress for over 25 years including embossing, foil stamping, die cutting, and numbering. Sold my shop in 2006 and am now available for teaching and emergencies nationwide on the following machines: 1.Kluge, 2. C&P, 3.Heidelberg Windmill, 4.Meihle Vertical, 5.Meihle Horizontal (or Meihle 29).

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Hello, i have been running a meihle vertical for around 20 years and never had major repairs on it. i am having an issue with main cylinder turning to make the impression. Can you help?
Thanks. Rick

I currently run a small invitation and stationery design business out of my home, but am looking to expand into providing my own letterpress line of invitations and custom stationery products. I have no letterpress experience and have not purchased a letterpress or any other equipment as of yet. Could you possibly contact me regarding your instruction availability?

Thank you.

Are you still availble for turtorials? Do you do any repairs to machine or know of anyone in the area? Thank you!

Hi Gary,

I live in the Dallas area and am interested in letterpress instruction. I have a Vandercook press and would like some help getting it up and running. I look forward to hearing back from you.