Ludlow conversion possibility?

I may have an opportunity to acquire a Ludlow. Obviously, there are pros and cons to having a gas or an electric unit. With what degree of difficulty can a gas unit be converted to an electric platform, so that it may operate off either source? Or is it better to decide to go with one over the other due to engineering impossibilities with the furnace mechanism? Many thanks for an educational Web site.

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I would think they have entirely different pots and electrical systems, and conversion would take a lot of work and money, far more than just acquiring the kind of Ludlow you’d prefer to use. Ludlows are available all over the country, ranging from the free to the over-priced. Condition and mats are factors to consider when buying and even when taking a free machine.
I’ve had an electric pot Ludlow fro a couple years, and while there may be more problems with temperature control with the electric pot, on the other hand you don’t have to vent off gas cumbustion fumes.

I cannot imagine converting a Ludlow from one heat source to another, or trying to have both systems similtaneously would be the way to go. Talk to Dave Seat the expert if you really want to try something like that. I can tell you that I restored and operate a late model L with an electric pot, and I have absolutely no problems with the machine. The serial number is very important in determining what machine to get. Go to Dave Seat’s Hot Metal site and read the terriffic information compiled by Dave and James Parrish about buying a Ludlow. I had 6 Ludlows to choose from and would not have known which to purchase if I had not been prepared by the information available on his site.

i have both electric and a gas ludlow. i never heard of changing them over, the electric has a larger pot than the gas, the motor on the electric seems faster than the gas. myself, i use the gas a lot more than the electric, the slug seems much more solid plus it throws a lot more heat which feels good this time of the year. dave seat is the no. 1 ludlow man, although john falstrom is gaining on him. if i were you i would go with the gas. good luck dick g.