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I am considering adding this to my collection but would like to hear from those that may be know something about it before I purchase. It matches the Automatic Card machine in the “other” section of the museum in appearance. That is all I know about it currently. It’s function is not clear to me. It appears to have an ink disk and a flywheel, so I am assuming it is a press of some kind, yet I don’t see any rollers or place for rollers. Is anyone familiar with this? Does it look complete? Is it desirable? Any help is appreciated. Paul Aken, is the one in the museum yours?

image: automatic card.jpg

automatic card.jpg

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just when you think you’ve seen everything something like this pops up, (only in connectitut) more pictures would be cool. dick G.

It’s indeed very much like the Automatic Card machine. I know of two machines that are very similar to this one, both built in France. They’re called something like ‘presse à cartes de visite’. One is in Amsterdam with René Treumann of the Typique printshop. The rollers move from left to right, the forme is fixed under the platen that itself moves up and down. On the right hand side, a stack of cards would be placed, with a weight on it, by turning the wheel, a cog wheel would pull one card from the bottom of the stack , under the forme, print and deliver in a tray at the bottom of the base. The second machine that I know off, was in Cecil’s Court in London. This press differs from the ‘presse à cartes de visite’, but seems to have an identical system. Try St Bride in London, they might have some more information.

This looks a lot like the buffum card press.

There’s a Buffum illustrated at:

Thanks for the continuing flow of information.


John: I bought one of these presses about twenty years ago. It is a fun press to own, I still use it once in a while for the fun of it! Chase size is: 3-1/8” x 5-7/16”. Three rollers fit in assembly over the ink disk. Serial number 221. Inscription on part above disk: S. B. FEUERSTEIN CO./100 PRINTS/50 SECONDS/MANUFACTURERS? CHICAGO, U. S. Read somewhere this press was responsible for smashing much type in its day, mainly due to the inability of operator to set up the feeder. It was used in the S. S. Kresge Co. Dime Stores (later Kmart) to print 50 business card for 49c for con artists to hit the locals and run. I have some spare parts available, roller assembly and chase. If you want more info, email me, and we can get in touch by phone.

Hello, I have a Buffum Automatic card press here, it is very similar, very fun to run, extremly fast and accurate, way ahead of its time with the automatic feed and delivery. It even has a very neat little ink fountain system! I dont know too much about the history either, so I am very appreciative of the info posted by other members as well.
I have the original roller cores and trucks, my press also has a thrid distribution roller, I wonder if yours would need the same size to get you running.
Let me know if you need any pics or help with that device.
Thank you,