Platen removal - Golding Jobber #7

I am restoring a Golding Jobber #7. On this press, the brackets which hold the gripper bar shaft are part of the platen casting, but the bracket on the flywhel side is broken off. So, I need to separate the platen from the casting below it, so I can take the platen to a good welding shop, to have the bracket welded back on with a nickel rod. My question is, what is the best way to take the platen off. It appears that it is held by two bolts, but it also seems to be spring loaded against the wedges which allow adjustment of the platen. Can I back out these two bolts. If I do, how is this going to affect the spring loading mechanism. Are springs going to fly out when I do this.

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HI Geoffrey,

No, nothing should fly out. You need to remove the center bolt also(under the platen). It does have a spring on it but it is not under much tension if any by the time the threads disengage. There are springs involved in the wedge system but they are easily reinserted if they get dislodged. If you lose track of how things go, you can contact me for assistance. I recently restored a No 6 which has the same adjusting system as the No 7.

John, thanks for the info. I’m still missing something, though. With the press assembled, I don’t think I can see the center bolt under the platen (I’m not located where the press is at present, so can’t go and look at it). How do I get to the center bolt. Do I have to take the wedge adjusting screws and wedges off first.

Intuitively, I thought the two bolts under the casting below the platen, extended up into the platen, and if I removed those, that the platen could be lifted off. But I guess it isn’t that easy.

Could you possibly go through the steps which I need to follow to get the platen off.

Thanks a lot, Geoff

Hi Geoff,

I had thought the 6 & 7 had only one center bolt. I did some more looking online and it appears the 7 does have two bolts both centrally located. One near the top and one near the bottom. The picture I found shows the location. If this matches your press, then it is just those two bolts that need removal. Given the larger size of the platen, it makes sense it might need two instead of one.
That is all that holds the platen on as you surmised. If you haven’t found it here is a blog on the restroration on a No 7 goes by Lammy here on the site and would surely also help you with questions about your project. Feel free to contact me offline.


John, thanks so much. I plan to start work on taking the platen off later next week. That is a great blog you referred me to above, and yes, the #7 here does look like that.