Font ID please


Picked up this handset type and have yet to identify. I could use some help from the experts. Pin mark is just a thin horizontal line in the circle. It is 18pt. I printed this using some of the distinctive letters. Any ideas?

image: emailo2.png


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Your font is De Vinne (pronounced Da Vinny) Condensed. Your pinmark indicates that it was cast by The American Type Founders Co. De Vinne was a very popular face originating in the late nineteenth-century and many variations were cut. It was so popular, in fact, that it was cast and offered by ATF, BB&S, Hansen, Dickenson, and Keystone foundries as well as Monotype.

The variations include Italic, Condensed, Extra Condensed, Compressed, Extra Compressed, Extended, Bold,Open, Italic Outline, Shaded, Recut and Recut Outline.

A real “workhorse.”

Thank you Foolproof546! With your id I was able to see it in the downloaded version of the ATF Specimen catalog.

Yup. Devinne it is. I have a full range of Devinne Bold - 6-30 point, but no condensed. I got it when I was 14 - in 1964, and still use it now and then. A charming design. Devinne was very popular during the 20’s and 30’s.

Devinne Bold - and Bold Condensed and Bold Italic was also cut as wood type. I’ve seen photos, but don’t have any of that (yet)…

The fonts I have here had lain, unused in cases in the old style open “city stands” in a basement print shop that had supported a family during the depression . The shop had been closed up and just about forgotten from about 1938 until Mr. Rienzo decided to sell it to me in 1964. It was some of my first type and is still in the cases it was laid in sometime prior to 1936.

I didn’t like it to much in 1964, but the style has grown on me over time and now it’s truly considered some our most classic fonts…

In fact, I still have some of Tony Rienzo’s type forms on display in my shop - of type he set for tickets dated 1936…

Some forms seem to *never* get distributed, eh? ;)

- Alan