quoins and furniture for Golding Pearl no.3

ok I got my ‘new’ chase from John Falstrom (thank you!) and I have drawers and drawers of type that I would love to take for a spin…so…I am guessing that I need quoins and furniture? how do I know what quoins I need? I’ve seen some on ebay that are for ‘high speed’ presses…yes?…no?….not really sure where to go from here…help?

oh yes….and BTW…I still do not have rollers or the roller assembly yet so I am looking at doing blind impressions right now…

Thanks a heap!

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Hi Parakh,

Most of the quoins you are seeing can do the job. It is mostly personal preference as to which style you use. There are Wickersham type which use a square key and expand using internal cams. They come in a couple of different sizes about 1/2”-3/4” wide by 2” long. There are Hemple style which are two separate wedges that are expanded by a geared keyed operating on teeth on the facing surfaces of the wedges. There are Morgan and Wilcox which are much larger and expand by turning a threaded rod. Probably a little too large for your 7”x11” chase. And, there are the challenge high speed style about 5/8” wide by various lengths from about 2” up to ? They operate with a finer toothed gear key and expand quickly (high speed). They all are suitable for your letterpress depending upon what want to lock up. My preference is the Challenge for longer lockups, Wickersham for small lockups, and the Morgan and Wilcox for my 12”x18” press (they can eliminate some of the furniture requirements. There are other smaller types that can help move plates small distances to allow for good registration for two color work. I cannot recall their names, but, use them once in a while. The important thing no matter which you choose is to be sure to get a key to be able to expand them.


I have a 7X11 chase and I like the wickersham and the Challenge. Mostly the Wickersham.
I also found the Challenge keys a bit harder to come by.