Changing the Color of Line Art Lines in Photoshop

I know that Photoshop might not be the best software for designing photopolymer plates, but I am having an issue that I hope someone on here can help me with. We scanned into Photoshop at 1200 DPI a sketch. The sketch has a fair amount of detail. Is there way to change the lines from black to another color? I don’t want to fill in with color. I just want to change the line color. I was attempting this last night with some success, but I am looking for an easy quick way to change all the lines at once. Thanks for your time.

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Using layers in photoshop you could cut the line and paste it in place and use the wand tool to change colors. OR, you may be able to click on the layer with the command key held down to select it and then change colors.

I would recommend using the Live Trace tool in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe illustrator gives you more control and it’s a vector illustration program.



Photoshop’s main problem is primarily as I know it is creating text which is not up to Illustrators smoothness. I think it can have some advantages for certain image manipulations and I move back and forth between AI, Photoshop and Microsoft Picture-It as necessary to accomplish what I want. I have changed line color by selecting the image, going to adjustments, replace color, and selecting the +eyedropper tool, clicking on the line color I want to replace, and then using the sliders to adjust the color. As you use the eyedropper + tool you see a small image of what you have selected. Keep clicking if you have several shades of color to replace until you get them all. I used this method recently to eliminate shaded pixels instead of rasterizing or using live trace. The image looked better doing it that way. I may be missing some easier method as I am self teaching myself as necessary.


• convert your line art image to rgb or cmyk
• define your new colour by clicking on the foreground colour box on the tool palette
• go to edit drop down menu and select fill
• for contents use: select foreground colour option
• for blending mode: select screen
• opacity: 100%
• click ok

You don’t actually have to colour up the line-art for polymer plate run-out - black is fine. If you want to do colour separations then it’s a bit more tricky…