Pre-cut paper sources…

Hi, I’m looking for some advice on paper cutting options. I’m just starting out and will mainly be creating business cards, tags, invites etc.

I have a basic guillotine but for a run of 100 business cards I will probably need a more accurate method.

Can anyone recommend where/how I am able to get pieces trimmed down accurately? Do any of the suppliers offer this service? Is it possible to source the paper in predefined sizes?

I’m UK based but all advice/experiences welcome,


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most small print shops will be happy to cut paper for you, when i started out my local shop would give me some scraps of paper. Dick G.

The only line I know of that sells precut (and pre-folded) sizes good for stationery and invitations and the like would be Arturo.
It’s a nice paper, though not 100% cotton, take a nice impression and has some great colors with matching envelopes as well.
just a note, the edges on their papers are deckled….

I second dickg; most offset shops will do this for a few dollars, and if you’re lucky, you’ll meet a printer who will be willing to talk shop and help you locate equipment, vendors, and generally be a better printer.

I third Dick G.! We have developed a great relationship with a local printer. We buy some of our paper from him and he does some cutting for us. We have a great relationship. If you want to have the capability yourself, I recommend looking at a MBM/Ideal Kutrimmer. We have one, and they are no ordinary guillotine(which we also have). They can cut several sheets at once also, but, very accurately. The paper clamping system works. The ability to repeat a cut is amazing. We take down several 22”x30” sheets to any size needed in no time. We also have a MBM 4810-95 stack cutter and a business card slitter, but find ourselves using the Kutrimmer more often. I would imagine the Dahle brand is similar in capability as well.

Hey John Falstrom, during the great floods we in massachusetts pumped our water into Rhode Island, hope we didn’t spill any into Conn. Did you do well during that rain. Still have those saw blades, and ludlow cabinet. Dick G.

Hey Dick,

We had a 2.5’ deep lake in our backyard from a swollen brook but no water problems with the house or shop. Lots of other people in town had house issues though. Never seen anything like it. Hope you were ok. Sorry for no contact, we have actually been really busy with a softcover book that we are designing and printing. Had to buy a perfect binder, cutter, and a creaser for the project. Throw in a couple of large wedding packages, letterhead sample book for a local gallery, notecards, giclee prints, framing and there you have it! I hope to get up to your area. I may have another press to look at in Middleboro. If I do, I’ll combine both and spend some time at your shop. I haven’t forgotten about your offer, thanks.


john, my garage is next to my house, if it sprinkles i get about 1/2 inch of water in the very front of my garage, everything i own is on skids so i don’t lose any of my printing stuff, not a drop of water in the garage, my house never had water i got 3 inches in the basement, i’m on a pond which rose about 2 feet, never seen so much water, i think there is still 1 inch of water in my sneekers. Dick G.

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