How would you do this?

Hi all,

I have to print about 350-400 covers for a softcover book project. The only part on the cover that is letterpress is a 3/8” wide Greek key design border to be printed in gold. The rest will be printed on an inkjet. The book is about 8”x10” with the border about 1/2” from all four edges. I wondered if I should get a plate made that is that large, or get enough border made and miter it into the size rectangle required. Is it silly to purchase that large a plate(8”x10”) just to print the border? Thoughts are appreciated.

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what does the border look like, i have 20 or 30 ludlow borders i could cast for you. Dick G.

Thanks for the offer Dick, but, we are having to reproduce this from something that is in a church (gold leafed) at the meeting of the walls and ceiling, so it’s custom. We’re definitely going to have a plate made. Just didn’t know if I should get one large full size, or get enough linear inches of the border to make the rectangle myself. Seemed like a large plate to have made to just print a border.

your better off getting the plate made to size rather than trying to piece it together, good luck Dick G.

Got any other projects you can gang up? Throw a business card or two inside the border and cut it out for later use.


Great suggestion! You just made it logical to get the large plate in my mind. That’s just the kind of insightful thinking I was hoping for. Thanks!