Kluge 10 x 15 Sheet guides

Well I am officially working on becoming a letter press enthusiast. I just purchased a Kluge 10 x 15 because it was going to the scrap pile. Unfortunately it is missing several parts, including all of the sheet guides for registration, tongues and grippers. Does anybody have a picture of that assembly?

The picture I am attaching is looking at the platen on the Kluge.

I have been looking at NA Graphics and they seem to have the parts that I am looking for, I just need to be sure I order the correct ones.

Thank you!

image: plate.jpg


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Try giving them a call- Fritz is usually pretty forthcoming with information if you catch him on the right day.

(especially if you’re trying to buy something from him)

i believe i have the parts you need. if send more detailed pics of the areas circled i think i can help.

image: plate.jpg


parts a available from DND graphics in Dallas, their business is refurbishing Kluges. should have what you need. i use megill gauge pins for sheet guides. Kluges will hold a good commercial register with no side guide, if you need a hairline registration, you will need a side guide and its nut. you already have a side guide attachment. can’t tell if it’s right or left feed. that’s determined by the attachment that opperates the gripper fingers and registry bar. it too is easily changed. i have three Kluges , i’ll try and take a picture and post it for you.

Thank you for all of your help!

Just to double check my understanding:

The grippers are on the outside which attach to the lower bracket.

A “tongue” attaches to the center bolt assembly

A side guide attaches to the bolt on the rod between the grippers and the tongue.

Tympan paper is captured by the “basket handles” that go around the Platen.

Here is some detailed pics that ericm wanted.

image: Drive Side.jpg

Drive Side.jpg

image: Cam side.jpg

Cam side.jpg

you are going to want some “bottom guides” your press does not allow a “bottom band”… i have these… they fit into a slit that you cut into your tympan sheet.
your press is showing the operator side guide cam. i have the other. as i do both actual side guide with blocks assy’s

Check out Rudow, the sucker people at www.suckers.com. They have an amazing supply of Kluge, Miehle parts at very good prices.