Thanks Ramco Roller. =)

I just got my set of rollers from Ramco Roller Product in San Dimas, CA and i couldn’t be happier enough. The rollers came out perfect. I am so lucky because Ramco is only 20 minutes drive from my home, so I dropped them off. I had the chance to meet the owner/ technician Adrian and his wife Jayne and I’m telling you, they are one of the nicest people I’ve ever meet. They treated me like I’m one of the VIP person with a big account on them but the truth is I’m only a guy who dropped off a couple of small rollers (Kelsey 5 x 8). Adrian showed me a little bit of the process on how he make the rollers and Jayne showed me her little cute Sigwalt 3x5 (I believe) letterpress. The service is beyond my expectation. I hardly do review and recommendation but I had to, because of the service that I got from these genuine people. I’m planning to buy a floor model CP and I’m sure that I’m gonna need new rollers for that, so of course I’ll be bringing those rollers again at Ramco. Here is the link of their website >>> or just Google Ramco Roller Product. Just to let you know that i am not in any way related to this people nor any affliate to this company. I am just one of their happy costumers. You guys are the best. Thanks Adrian and Jayne!

Norwalk, CA

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Not only are they a couple of the nicest people around and their rollers are about the best on the planet, they are about the cheapest prices also.

Yes they are very nice people! And they make great rollers, I have them on both my c&p’s!

Ditto… I have them on my Golding!

When I come across threads that recommend letterpress organizations or supplies I like to invite them, or encourage our users to invite them to place an ad in our free Printer’s Yellow Pages. I am happy to say that Ramco Roller Products is already in our Yellow Pages.

These pages are searchable by location so it is easy to find information near your area. Everyone is encouraged to submit new listings to our Yellow Pages so we can follow up. Better yet or to save us time, ask the service to submit and maintain their own listing. This way we can become a more complete resource for the letterpress community.

In addition, we encourage everyone to leave this kind of feedback in the comment box under the listings you use so other people can benefit from your experience.

dickg: You nailed it . =)

Elizabeth: Thanks for informing me about the comment box. I went to the yellow pages section and left my feedback there. =)

blackivory69 and dickg - Thanks for adding your feedback. The comment box in the Printer’s Yellow Pages is a very important feature of Briar Press that is underutilized. Constructive feedback in the YP listings helps people decide what services to use. It also brings attention to, and sustains the organizations and businesses that are providing the best services to the letterpress community.

For more information see Adding feedback to the Yellow Pages listings and pass along the word to encourage others to use this feature.

Thanks so much for posting this! I have been looking for someone to recover my Kelsey (6x10) rollers!
Do you know if they replace cores as well, or just recover?

Alexia: I believe they can replace cores as well. When I went there Adrian showed me rollers with new cores. I think he can make rollers and cores from scratch. All he needs is the dimension of the rollers and the core. Call them.