Printing Supplies in SoCal

Can anyone please tell me a printing supply here in Southern California? As nearest as possible to Norwalk (zip 90650) please. I looked in the Yellow Book section here and I didnt see anything. I need to buy California Wash and other stuff. Thank you.

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Try Kelly Paper, they are all over California. There are other sources as well. Do a search on Google, not here. Most suppliers don’t even know about Briar.

California Wash is banned in your neighborhood.


Use Naptha from your hardware store, or Coleman Fuel from a camping store. It’s the same stuff without the carcinogens they add to keep it from evaporating too fast.


Thanks Gerald & Paul

you already have Kelly paper.

Miss typed above, sorry.

IC Compound company has a great wash.
MRC (metering roller cleaner
Tell them you want the stuff they sell to
Creative Letterpress Inc (that’s us)

They also have a great hand cleaner!!!

Stay away from any thing called “Ca Wash”

In a pinch we use Laquer Thinner

I’ve used coleman fuel for a long time and it works great, sometimes i use mineral spirits. (hows that Paul) Dick G.

You go, Dick G.!

Gans Ink isn’t far from Norwalk and has both inks and press washes.

blackibory69, Ralph C. Crawford has letterpress
supplies and parts press’ best james