Andy Tanguay 

Letterpress Restorations / Custom Engraved Feedboards

Redesigned feedboard for Chandler and Price Pilots to be beefier and more sturdy. C&P logo cleaned up as well as adding some new decoration and flourish. Contoured feedboard to work with and flow with the new logo. Updated logo is then laser engraved in the wood. The engraving is about a millimeter deep, so there’s some nice tactile feedback there.

* Made from nice aged blonde maple.
* Tongue and groove construction for strength.
* Replaces feedboard and feedboard extension on full size Chandler and Price Pilots.
* Undrilled for custom fit to your C&P.
* Laser engraved with exclusive redesigned Chandler and Price logo.
* Hand finished with Waterlox high quality finish.
* Incredibly smooth new finish.

See link for more info…

image: Feedboard_02.JPG


image: Feedboard_03.JPG


image: Feedboard_05.JPG


image: Feedboard_07.JPG


image: Feedboard_09.JPG


image: Feedboard_10.JPG


image: Feedboard_11.JPG


5 comments about this listing

Very nice! I don’t even have a C&P, but I want one of these feedboards!

Very, very nice! I’d love to have one for my 10 x 15, although I’d be afraid of beating it up.

Thanks you guys (and/or gals)!
Beating it up is what it’s all about…getting that nice weathering going. 8-)

I’d love to get the measurements of your current feedboard to develop for the bigger sizes. I haven’t gotten access to one your size yet.

The gorgeousity of this is too high! Don’t mind me if I get some ideas for my C&P Craftsman 10x15..

Feedboards look nice. How much for 6x10 tabletop?