E.J. Thompson, Jr., president 

Thompson Cabinet Company

Manufacturers of wood and steel composing room equipment: type cabinets, type cases and case stands, drawing boards, poster boards, and wood specialties. We also manufacture mallets, planers, and other print shop tools.

Our type cabinets are made of select hardwood, and are of rigid, substantial construction. Thompson manufactures 35 styles of type cases in full-size and two-third size, with steel fronts and lip fronts for use in standard type cabinets, case racks or case stands. Case are constructed of highest hardwood with masonite bottoms. NOTICE: as of 2012, we are selling ALL the remaining stock for any reasonable offers. The owners are retiring soon and the land and plant are being sold. If you can use anything, now is the time.

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Hi Eric, Many thanks for listing Thompson Cabinet. Letterpress was our bread and butter since 1925; it is very encouraging to see the new revived interest in this old craft. Keep up the good work. Ed

Anyone interested in a virtual tour of the plant & some work in progress go to nagraphics.com and clink link to Thompson Cabinet. We still do orders/custom work May-Dec. upon request. I am third gen.