Algebra and printing

Please tell me why Algebra is important for printing.
Can you give formulas you have used?
Thanks in advance from a girl who is ready to kick her kluge to the curb for not knowing basic math

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Unless you have a treadle-operated Kluge, don’t kick it. I took a Print-Trade course in high school. Served ITU apprenticeship, have never used an algebraic formula during apprenticeship or any time after.
I don’t think algebra is considered basic math.
Let’s first teach the kids to spell without a checker.
How many times lately have you seen printers business cards or advertising spell…are you ready?…STATIONARY!”
I guess after all these years I’m entitled to be crabby!

One word: Geometry

Yes, I can’t think of any reason for algebra (except for that handy formula for figuring out equivalent proportions*). I use geometry all the time, but not algebra.

* x1 y1
—- = —- Where you solve for any one of the variables.
x2 y2

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What is Algebra?

What is Algebra?

There seem to be regular stationary printers on this site, I still don’t know how they manage to operate their printing press without moving.

Long, long ago when I did my 5 years every person who touched a job from comps to apprentices was expected to look for mistakes.

The basic mathematics you need is for measuring, estimating, costing and conversion. ( don’t want to over order paper and ink, or under price a job)

Other maths such as for comps(e.g. area calculation when converting 12pt to 16pt) is no longer required.

I worked a couple of years ago for a offset printers , they took over as part of an expansion of the site ,the building next door , obviously the offices were moved to the new building thus prompting the need for directions to customers to go to the building next door .
The resulting sign on the outer door of the print building read , All enquires next door please (Unit 6)..
I walked past that sign for months before i saw the mistake and when i mentioned it nobody had noticed …..
As for stationers that is a common error ,i was taught to remember that they use Envelopes which has an E .

The reason I ask, is because my son wants to know why he has to take algebra at school…I don’t have an answer to give him except, I suppose it could be used in estimating when the customer wants quotes for different quantities.
*emthree I think the answer to what is algebra should be what do mermaid wear on top for support.

Grasping algebra helps you think outside the box or at least I always thought that. It is a major pre-class for advanced math, kind of a given if you are going the way of science or engineering. Can’t say I have had to use vectors in printing but at least I’m prepared.

Girl, tell your son if he don’t take algebra they will lay the teacher off.

There was a Fórmula used for the layout kf thepages when printing books


press speed based on drive pulley rpm and diameter vs driven pulley diameter and desired rpm. within limits more iph + more $
therefore algebra can get you more money
Not giving and example.
I keep the bible (machinery handbook handy)
Although most of my income is from diecutting I am a diemaker originally. You can never know too much math.

GWAK, I like your definition best.
Mike, your (non)example looks a bit boggling to me - reminds me of why I took the left-brain route. I (barely) passed the NY State Regents exam in Algebra with a 65 (a HS graduation requisite) and confirmed my interest in creative endeavors. That was my last instruction in math.
I always admired math, just never understood it!

Why does your son need to know algebra? Technology. The future is dominated by the microprocessor. Understanding algebra helps immensely with understanding computer programming. He may not program a computer in the future, but as they become more and more a part of daily life, understanding what makes them tick won’t hurt.

My greatest accomplishment with using algebra was solving the x for what I needed on my final exam to not have to repeat the class in summer school.

if only I had been taught better about ratios rather than trigonometry I might have understood maths and the usefulness of it much better eg in sacred geometry and proportions for design etc.

Girl with a Kluge

Pop Quiz:

You just spent $400 on supplies for a new card line. You sell sets of 6 cards for $20 and individual cards for $4. One customer wants 60 cards half in sets and half individuals. Another customer wants 48 cards in sets. Plus, your Grandmother would like 4 cards. Did you break even?

The real question is did you use algebra or just think that you didn’t?

Or you could be an engineer and have to deal with equations like this in excel: =(80-$H$3)/((COSH(SQRT((H52*PI()*$F$7)/(((PI()*$F$7^2-($F$7-2*$F$6)^2)/4)*16))*$F$5))+SQRT((H52*((PI()*$F$7^2-($F$7-2*$F$6)^2)/4))/(16*PI()*$F$7))*SINH(SQRT((H52*PI()*$F$7)/(((PI()*$F$7^2-($F$7-2*$F$6)^2)/4)*16))*$F$5))

no you lose $20.00 but you gain goodwill from yer granny cause she gets 4 cards for free. if you charge granny then you still lose $4.00

if I charged my granny i’d lose more than $4.00

Are you saying your granny is still alive?!!

Algebra is just arithmetic solved according to hierarchy. We think in algebra all the time: next time you find a few empty spaces in the egg carton in the fridge, you solve for your remaining eggs to make sure you have enough for a recipe. You more than likely see 5 spaces, automatically subtract it in your mind from the dozen you had and realise you have only 7 eggs left, time to go to the grocery store.

You may want to know how many impression per seconds you are printing based on the impression cycle of your press and the speed of the rotation of your main bearing. (8x12 C&Ps do one impression per four turns of the flywheel, or main bearing). You may wish to adjust the speed of your press based upon the diameter of your flywheel or drive wheel and your motor pulley diameter. All these situations involve algebra. Sure, you can solve by other means, you can do a stop watch for your impression time and you can trial and error your pulley diameter, but doing the math is both quicker AND more precise.