3rd Roller for Golding Jobber No.7

I have two, I want three. Anyone got one?

Printing with two is ok but I am always needing two passes and sometimes even three to get the true coverage I am after.

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Contact Ramco Roller Products. They can make what you need.


thanks john, i will get in touch with them. I hope they also have roller bearers as I am considering a set to try and save me some time and give me better results. If you have anything at all for my press for sale kicking about that might be of interest let me know.<



I believe I may have a chase or two if interested.


darn, chases I have a-plenty, thanks all the same. I contacted adrian at Ramco Rollers but they didn’t reply, maybe they don’t ship abroad, I even told them you had recommended them. I even tried to order some dual grip gauge pins from another american site but got to the basket and selected Germany to be told they don’t ship here.

It looks like letterpress will be extinct in Germany in no time the way things are going. When I was busy and had no time to make my own p plates last month, I had to get my them made in the UK because I couldn’t find anyone that does it here. I buy my Cranes Letra from the UK, Envelopes and even buy my unexposed polymers from the UK, Germany is impossible for these things unless there are some guys out there hiding from business.

Nickelyacht, I have had good experiences dealing with Jayne at Ramco. I’m not sure if they ship outside US, but maybe she can address your request:

[email protected]

Ramco Roller Products
241 W Allen Ave.
San Dimas, CA 91773

W 909-592-1002
C 626-327-5858