Linda Marshall, owner 

Washi Arts · Fine Japanese Papers Tools and Supplies

Wa = Japanese and shi = paper · Washi = Japanese paper

Washi Arts carries an extensive selection of fine natural and decorative Japanese papers for letterpress printing, lino and wood engraving, bookbinding and book repair. Natural papers in weights ranging from 3.7g to 300g and a wide range of sizes. Decorative papers are wonderful for book covers, envelope liners, endpapers. Paper matching service provided. Call or email to discuss projects and for paper recommendations. Also carry supplies (jin shofu / rice paste / konnyaku powder / kakishibu / funori) and tools (japanese iron awls for stab binding / bamboo folders / bamboo creasers and lifters)

Moriki kozo · chiyogami · katazome-shi · repair tissues · conservation papers · gampi, mitsumata and kozo papers · Japanese book cloth

image: Washi Arts Postcard BP.jpg

Washi Arts Postcard BP.jpg