Colt’s Armory Eighth Medium Press

I’m looking for other folks who own/have photos of a Colt’s Armory Eighth Medium parallel platen press. I just picked one up and I want to know who else has one in the letterpress community. This one is 8x12 with treadle. It rotates through a full cycle and all the parts seem to be there.

I’d especially love to see some that have a little less rust than mine :)


p.s. I did request to join the Yahoo Colt Group, if an admin could add me.

image: PressFromSide.JPG


image: PressFromFront.jpg


image: ItsQuiteCompactInSize.JPG


image: HandForScale.JPG


image: ViewFromFront.JPG


image: SideView.JPG


image: FourBeatUpRollers.JPG


image: TheColt.JPG


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I looked at that a few weeks ago. Glad it found a good home. You can get rollers from Ramco Rollers. You will need a bolt to re-attach the treadle underneath. Mostly surface rust and as you say very complete. Worth the clean up effort. I think these 8 x 12s are pretty rare; couldn’t find any pics online. You can build two paper feed board supports from the bolt holes on the side. You don’t have to go crazy scrubbing it rust free or taking it apart. Nice press.

Ordinary Google. = Colts Armory Printing Press pictures, includes several shots of, Colts Armory presses and the Stable mate *Merrit Gally* ??
Hopefully when You hit the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, image, a whole cornucopia of Press,s come up.

Yes, lots of Colts Armory presses on Google Images. Can you point to ones that are specifically the small 8 x 12 model?

Ladies First. C.C.? & J.J. Pass on the Above re which model, (author) I am only the messenger, unfortunately can only relate to European, variations of Parallel Approach machines, (in the flesh, so to speak)

Our European variants, highly rated, and used extensively, up to mid 70,s for Repro work,
i.e. Hot Metal Typecast material, shot on camera for transfer to the *Litho* process.

Apologies and Good Luck. Mick

We have a Half Medium, Style 2A. So far as we can tell it has all of the original parts. It’s bigger than yours but very similar in construction.

Hi Mgurzo, would you happen to have any photos to post of your Half Medium? Also, where are you located in the world?

Still haven’t had a single reply with anyone having an 8”x12” Colt on any of the forums I’ve posted to.

I’ve only seen one Colt’s this small, but it was over 25 years ago years ago and no longer at that shop. 13x19 and 14x22 are much more common. Treadles, very rare.
By the way, no membership request came through over at the yahoo group, if you mean the Universal Platen Group. For some, the system just won’t work.

my 20x30 Colt Thomson

image: 20x30Thomson.JPG



I sent an email using Briarpresses reply method and am not sure you received it. If you didn’t see an email from me regarding your Colt’s Armory press, check your spam folder.


Hello Christa - I posted a message on your tumblr site re our Colts Armory press. Hope you receive it.

A little bit of a jolt to open this thread and see John Jenkin’s comment first off. John died July 2, 2017 and was known for the books he wrote using his full name of John Major Jenkins. He wrote the book about the Mayan calendar that got a lot of people world wide convinced that the end of the world was near. I had several interesting conversations with him in the several years prior to his death—a very interesting fellow. His recounting of saving a Cranston press is well worth reading—it is listed under his profile. I guess we live on with Briar Press.