Chuck Schwartz 

Graphic Arts Equipment Co.

We have been in the printing equipment and supply business since 1938. When letterpress was in its prime, we were an authorized dealer for ATF foundry type. We still handle many letterpress items; and, as a result of our involvement in print shop liquidations, we come across many original letterpress items still in demand today. We are one of only a few companies who still deal in letterpress items, such as Hi-Speed quoins, furniture, leads and slugs, tympan paper, perf, score and cutting rules, line gauges, etc.

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I am looking for a form roller housing and lockup bar for a Vandercook 219. Can you be of any help?

I am looking for a chase for a 11 x7 Kelsey Star Flywheel press. Do you have any, or might you suggest a supplier?
Prof D Lustgarten
Burlington, Vermont

I am looking for a letterpress machine. I am interested in the C&P Pilot but will consider any working letterpress machine.

We have available a good Vandercook model 4 proof press. It is a complete and working machine. For more details and photos, please email [email protected], or call 800-423-2520.