letterpress printed stationery

Anyone doing letterpress printed stationery using Linotype slugs not plates?
No one in my area does that type of work.

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I’ve only been using copper engravings. The quality is excellent. I’ve used linotype and handset, til computers took over… We sold all of our hot metal equipment, so…
I don’t have a source for linotype. Or handset. I’m definitely open to printing with same, now might be a good time to line up a vendor…

This fellow has three working Intertypes and Ludlow and hundreds of fonts.

[email protected]

Can you email your price for printing A7 sheets and matching envelopes about 200.

So you need C7 envelopes to take A7 sheets- right. I think it may be a shade difficult to find that size. C6 no probs, use those for my own Christmas cards, but C7 …

Sorry guys, but your printing ‘Stationery’ I hope and not staying ‘stationary’…

Here a link to help:


Just looking for any matching stationery approx. 5”x7” in size.

Paper stock can be basic book weight.

So you’re talking about American sizes not ISO. Sorry, I have to pass on this one, I have 3 months worth of work in the shop. Good luck.

If I understand correctly, you are looking for a press run of only 200 sheets at 5” x 7” with matching envelopes that will accommodate the sheets without folding. Is that right? Does it HAVE be Linotype? Could it not be hand-set type or something created digitally printed from a polymer plate? Is there a logo or some image that needs to be printed?

It seems to me that this is well within the capabilities of a small press hobbyist (such as myself). The problem, as I see it, is with such a small press run, it would be prohibitively expensive. Say you’d have about $35.00 in just getting the plate made by Boxcar. You could handset type… if there is no image/logo to reproduce, but time is money and hand-setting type takes quite a bit of time for us folks who are still trying to learn the California Job Case.
Now you gotta buy paper and envelopes. I would probably use Boxcar’s Flurry paper and envelopes. Assuming that I’m not worried about my wage rate as I am just an amateur currently “sheltering at home” and would be willing to do this job for $100.00. I would not do it for that, but just say that I would. Now, with a press run of 200 sheets and envelopes, your cost per unit is about fifty cents. I would regard that as awfully expensive.

Now, I might be willing to consider a job like this at $200.00, but then your cost per unit is doubled. from a figure that is already too expensive. If you were willing to increase the length of the press run… say to something like 2000 or more impressions with a corresponding increase in price to maybe $300.00, your cost per unit gets more affordable.

Now I don’t do this for a living, so I may be way off point here… even in my basic arithmetic… but I don’t think so. A printing press is incredibly efficient, but like any other manufacturing process, the set-up cost must be absorbed. With letterpress, that set-up cost is fairly high… which is why letterpress has largely been supplanted by other processes for most mundane jobs.

So, in short, yes, it could be done… if money is no object.

Dale, I think your estimate is quite reasonable, and still leaves room for markup.- Bruce


As a printer since 1964, I understand that on ones wants to get their hands dirty. Up until four years had a letterpress shop with a working Intertype and Ludlow. But, the landowner closed me because he wanted to increase the rent by $400 a month.
Sorry, but anyone that can print using Linotype slugs can set up a C&P or an other hand feed press in less than 10 minutes including locking up the form.

Hand feeding 200 5x7 sheets of card or book weight paper should take a press operator 25 minutes.

They a few people still selling Linotype slugs for printing, just few new printers never take the time to check the business section of this website.

As posted I was looking for a printer that would use my Linotype slugs and print some stationery.

I found a GREAT printer and she did a super professional job.

who? where?


310 West 4th Street
Waterloo, IA 50701

Thanks for the shoutout, Aaron! :) It was fun getting linotype slugs in the mail to print with!

There are people setting good clean type using Linotype slugs to print with.

Sorry can’t post scan