Best strategy to sell type?

Hi, everyone. I’m looking for advice.

A number of years ago I picked up a couple of Adana presses and a whole bunch of type. I’ve decided that any future letterpressing I do is going to be digital/photopolymer, and want to get rid of the type. I’ve got 13 fonts across 8 different typefaces.

What’s the best strategy to find a good home for it all? Classifieds here, eBay, or something else? And should I list it all together, or would it be better to list each typeface individually? (Or each font?)

Thanks in advance for any advice and words of wisdom from experience.

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I’m currently looking for some type, sending you a message now!

sorry, but unless you got something rare or classic. look on ebay. it seems to go for, sadly shipping.

I’d start by posting a classified here, it’s a site for printers, after all.