New to me Pearl #3 (pics) - now to asses and move

I’m acquiring this press (for free)… though it will require some sweat (hopefully not blood, sweat, and tears) to get it moved. I know it’s been used within the past 5 years, but it seems to be missing a lot of parts… which I hope can be found in the basement nearby, rather than ditched or given away.

It’s a couple of hours away, so I’m going off of photos only. I found some older threads here that have been helpful about disassembling and moving.

Any general thoughts about this press, specific tools needed to disassemble, or moving tips would be appreciated…

image: 57D36C82-1D90-43CC-8F31-D85495E1C3F8.jpeg


image: E47AEB30-D00F-465E-B2FE-F5DC016CC845.jpeg


image: 41CEA72B-AAA3-44EA-A95D-403BB85AC00D.jpeg


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My (strapping) young neighbor and two friends of his moved one of these for me about 18 months ago. It weighs approximately 350 lbs. We moved it with an appliance dolly and a flat trailer, like one used for a riding mower. The only things we removed were the rollers, ink disk and feed trays. They strapped it well to the dolly, then strapped it down well to the trailer. I will say that we had easy, street access to it (no steps where we picked it up) and only three steps to contend with at my end.

I will add, that if I had had to negotiate more than a few steps and/or had they been steep, I would have removed the flywheel.

Looks nice! At first glance, the only things I notice missing are the treadle and hook, gripper arm assembly, and the feed table and brackets … maybe the ink disk advance lever (?) but I can’t tell for certain from the photos.

In terms of moving, I’ve found it easiest to (1) remove the flywheel, usually pops right off with a gear puller, and then (2) separate the press from the base. From that point two people can move it easily.

Best of luck - what a great find!


Anyone have advice about specific small/hand tools to take with us? We will take a regular, heavy duty dolly, straps, 2x 4s, a piece of plywood cut down, and a wench.

How old is the wench. Can she do it by herself?

(Since I spent part of yesterday moving large things around in a machine shop…)
Some more general moving notes-

Wrenches, up to maybe 1-1/4”, ball-peen hammer for knocking things loose w/ a wood block, various wood blocks, various larger straight-blade screwdrivers (may need them). Probably don’t need a gear puller, but if it’s available, take it along (also take a saw, screwgun & screws).

After removing the flywheel, which will be _heavy_, take off the ink plate and the platen, which should come off with only a few bolts.

For moving- never on the side! that’s a great way to break the shaft (replacement straight shafts aren’t difficult, replacement -crankshafts- are). For going up/down stairs, I have seen people make a skid out of lumber with extra support blocks in strategic places,set the back of the press down on them, then strap it all together.

Don’t be cheap! If you have to spend $50-100 on lumber, straps, and hardware, just do it. It’ll make the job easier and safer, and you’ll still have the stuff when you’re done.

If the moving route isn’t obviously clear, make a wooden mock-up frame of the press and try moving that all the way out; it’ll save the embarrassing “can’t go forward without setting the press back upright and turning it 90, but can’t set it back up the because it’ll crush Fred in the process.” sort of thing.