Does anyone know of a source for precut tympan for a 7x11 Pearl press?

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Die cut C&P 8X12 Tympan can be cut down to your size easily—give NA Graphics a call. Fritz

Thank you Fritz, back in the day you would have been the first on my list. Covid shut down our print shop March of last year. Robert Basel from Milwaukie OR sent me some tympan after my post to the list. I am like a hobby printer now. The world won’t stop changing.

Things are picking up business wise considerably in the last little while—I’m still here, my day isn’t over yet, and I see some over priced tympan and other letterpress items on eBay and other sites. It’s fun to be in business, so far we have survived Covid, and in fact didn’t close one day, including weekends, during the first year of the pandemic. The view out the windows here, in all directions, is nothing but mountains and the changing weather, so it’s not so bad. If I can ever get free of my wheelchair, back to my print shop, type, and all the other stuff awaiting my return, then I may spend some time away from here—a lofty goal, but perhaps within reach. We drive past my printshop every morning and it pulls at me—I have a SP-15 here at work, but I miss my other toys such as the Linotype, Miehle Vertical, Heidleberg, and all the other cast iron. and type metal.