woodstove & presses

Hi all.

I’m looking for feedback on how to heat my workspace.

I work in a large 24’ x 32’ insulated garage (about 770 sq ft) with a 10’ ceiling. I have a Heidelberg and a C&P 10x15. It is used only as a workspace; no cars allowed.

I am considering getting a small wood-burning stove (not a pellet stove). I grew up with one, and understand the time it takes to start a fire and the monitoring needed during.

Anyone else have a wood-burning stove in their print shop? Given the solvents and oily rags used during printing, is this just the worst idea ever?

Also: I’m considering supplemental heat in addition to the woodstove. I’ve heard electric baseboard heating is inefficient and creates big electricity bills. Any thoughts?

Thanks very much in advance for your time and expertise. I appreciate it.

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It does seem to be problematic. The draft of the hot air rising up the chimney would pull in any fumes that might be produced by solvents. You’ve thought this through and see the risk but still want what you want. Danger Will Robinson!

There are wood burning stoves that go outside and use a blower system to force just the heat into the structure. Would that be an option for you?

I have an uninsulated space with an 18’ ceiling. For winter I erect a crude wooden frame and surround it and over it with plastic sheeting. Overlap in front a couple of feet for entry..
Electric portable heater, Press and pressman happy and cozy.

Get some ink on your shirt.


I’ve used this one for the past 10 years in my garage, https://tinyurl.com/k4p9jhz7

This past summer I purchased Heat Pump which has both AC and heat. Great unit and keeps the shop in perfect weather.

I heat with anthracite coal. No smoke and only a glow.
I heat 1500 sq. Ft. No problems with press wash or chemical. You’re involved with an industrial situation, just use a ventilation fan and won’t have any problems while clean up. Wood heat won’t cause you any issues either. Just vent when your cleaning up.

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I have a wood stove in my print shop, it only supplements natural gas which is the main source of heat. The best ‘bang for your buck’ will always be better insulation, just like a house. Then, electric could be used to keep the shop above zero, so nothing freezes. I get my wood for free, so that is another consideration for you. If you heat with wood to get up to room temperature, just remember the air is warm enough for you however the machines are still very cold. They would take a long time to really heat up. Not sure if that is a concern.

For 25 years I heated my little garage with a Mr. Heater. I would heat it up to 60 degrees before turning it off and turning the presses on. Warmer the better for the oil to work. After moving to a lower elevation, I did what cmcgarr did and bought a heat pump. It works GREAT! Air conditioning and heat. What a luxury.
I have a friend who has a wood stove in his shop. He has had no problems. However, it is on the end, away from his presses.

Really want to thank all of you for your feedback and taking the time to reply. Thank you.

I’m thinking I’ll get a woodburner for supplemental heat, and look into a heat pump, which sounds great.

I love the idea of anthracite coal; hadn’t heard of that before. Wondering if I could burn coal in the woodstove I’m considering.

At any rate thanks again, my printer-friends.

I’m in a insulated 400’ garage. I have a natural gas heater, mounted away from everything, vent free. I keep a window open a few inches for fresh air. My next upgrade I want to put in a mini-split.