Colt Armory Machine

Hello everyone, I would like to ask for help. How much can the machine I own be worth? Thank you

image: 1.jpg


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I have the same press. Yours seems to be missing the entire inking system which would devalue it considerably. There also seems to be some hand crafted parts. This also would devalue it. I don’t see a motor or a treadle, so how is it powered? Also, what is that white thing in contact with the flywheel that was added by someone? Hard to give it a dollar value for the reasons given. It may have more value as a parts press, but, there again, there is not much demand for parts for this model because there are so few of them out there. I am curious where are you/the press located?

Thanks for you answer John, to be honest the machine lay in the corner of company waiting for days to see the light of sun :) In Poland. So for example if this machine will be complete, the value will be oscillate like i dont know 100$ or 1000$ which value is closer. I have several people interested in buying, but for me its hard to give the price

Wow, it’s amazing how many early presses produced here made it overseas. I live a few miles from the factory where your press was produced. Mine is complete and fully functional. It may be the only one like this and I would value it at $3500 to $5000 in our market. See picture before mounting rollers and feed and delivery boards. Again, very difficult from where I sit to value yours, but, if you have multiple interested buyers maybe they could make offers to you rather than you telling them what you want for it.

image: mgally.JPG