Copper halftone head shot cuts

I have 4 boxes of copper halftone headshot cuts. I can’t use them in my work. Does anyone have suggestions on use in printing? Or, I can sell them to anyone here if interested.

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Well, the sky is the limit for how to use them. Something that comes to mind would be maybe using them at the beginning of dialogue? If you have a bunch of ‘em, maybe you could print a background incorporating them?

You say you have four boxes of them. How many per box? How big are they? Will you sell them individually or must they go as a lot? What would be your price?

How fine is the halftone?

Can you post a photograph, maybe with some kind of size reference?

You might have better luck putting them in the classified section on this site.

I have three boxes of same. I call them the Old White Business Dudes. (I think there are no more than two Business Ladies, and none at all who are not white.) They came out of an ad shop that I had to take whole in order to get the wood type out of it.

Currently they are listed on Craigslist here in Mpls. as part of a bigger bunch of cuts for sale, but so far no one has lined up to take them home.

I like the idea of using them for a background and would welcome any other inspirations for what to do with the OWBDs. Certainly haven’t had any great ideas on my own!

I did use them as background once and was told by a printer never to use them unless I scratch out the eyes since a family member might still be alive and recognize the person.

If they are large enough, they can be used as someone did in my old shop, as patches for holes in the floor.

If they are large enought they can be used as patches for holes in the floor. At least that’s how some had been used in my old shop in Silverton.