Gordon Franklin Oldstyle (Improved) press (I think)

I have what I believe (several years ago a nice man from Ink Plate Press which I can’t find anymore) identified the Press as Gordon Franklin Oldstyle (Improved) press and gave me some info. Now several years later I am trying to get this thing going. After sitting it certainly needs some serious cleaning and repairs (working on those). My bigger issue is I think the man who had it before me maybe assembled things incorrectly then I started to figure out but I have for gotten what I did how it was.

So questions now…what model? (I find no type of serial numbers anywhere)
Is there any diagrams for how it goes back together?
Anything that can help me to get this running. I have another person helping me but any research info I can fin on my own would be helpful.

image: IMG_6346.JPG


image: IMG_6347.JPG


image: IMG_6349.JPG


image: IMG_6350.JPG


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I will say it doesn’t look this clean or nice after sitting for 6-7 years. I also in the process of having a few things brazed back together. Knowing how it should go back together would be helpful. Thanks