Kluge D series foil not pulling

I have a D series Kluge with a foil pull problem.
This is all custom from the previous owner and the problem is on the non operator side.
The gears aren’t working to allow me adjustment for pull length.
Can you spot anything out of order?
I have pulled the gear apparatus and there isn’t anything broken.

image: image000003.jpg


image: image000004.jpg


image: image000002.jpg


image: image000001.jpg


image: image000000.jpg


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It looks like the draw chain is just hanging there. this is kind of an involved process to get it back in time. I would have to send you a series of pictures or a video on how to do it.

Yes the chain is intentionally loose.
This picture was taken as we were dismantling.
It was operational then it just stopped pulling anything at all
the pull gauge is at max but only will pull 2 inches.
Any pics of your setup will help volumes!

Here is the gear assembly removed.

image: -6815074861671359567.jpg


image: 4621605897519427035.jpg


image: -4883641977712666272.jpg


most often the foil clutch is the culprit,

image: Klugfoilclutch.jpg