Chessmen Font

I’m half-heartedly looking for a “chessmen” font. It would, ideally, have symbols for chess pieces (an entire set) as well as a chess board, either as one piece or as individual squares that would be assembled as needed around pieces.

I’m advised that there were once mats made for the purpose of casting these, but if anyone has one, it is either not for sale or simply lost in the back of the shop.

I’m wondering if anyone here knows of such a thing and where I might obtain such, or alternatively, how I might contrive to make one.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Yes, I know I’m a “nerd”.

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M&H Type Foundry sell a chess fount. It is their Handy Font No. 800, you can find it on page 77 of their most recent catalogue and order from their website.

Chess fonts include each piece twice (positioned on black/white squares), plus an extra queen per side. Along with enough black squares to make up the board (the white squares are quads of the relevant size).

Y’know, over the past year or so, I must’ve scrolled right past that page a couple of dozen times looking for it and never noticed it. It sucks gettin’ old…. though I suspect that if they called it “chessmen” or something rather than “handy font #800” it would’ve been easier to find.


If you haven’t already managed to get sorted there’s a chess men font for sale on eBay currently at this number 314092212206.
Its part of a parcel but worth an offer for the seller to seperate.