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I was hoping that someone might have a source for parts for a ATF Little Giant, or can point me in the directions of someone that might know. I’m looking for the “Crosshead” part number 136AL9. Thank you in advance!

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That’s a large part to have worn out or broken. I have stripped a couple Little Giant Model 6 presses for parts I thought I would need, but that is not one I considered might break, so I don’t have an extra other than on the press.

Do you think you could get it welded properly?

John G. Henry
Cedar Creek Press

John Henry, spoke with Mike Vicky today he and I both concurred about a local welder that I dropped off my part for a estimate on time and money for the repair. Mike also gave me a email of someone with equipment for sale. Thanks for your response.

Got the part welded, cost about $180.00 US. Reinstalled and working like a charm.