Sigwalt 4x6 Restoration


I managed to scare up a chase and some new rollers for a recently acquired Sigwalt 4x6. I have a few questions about putting it back into service.

Pictures are here:

1. I have taken off the grippers for cleaning. There is no mechanism or spring to move the bar which holds the grippers. It looks like a piece is missing? There’s a piece of the casting that juts out (see arrow on pic 1.a). I’m guessing something must have attached to it at one time?
(See pictures 1a-1d)

2. The bar onto which the grippers attached (via screws) is bent. If I’m careful it looks like I could tap it out from the left hand side to get it out, and then straighten it. Right now it ain’t turning or moving laterally. My question is: will the bar come out or is it fixed in there? I suspect it’s just corroded and will move with a little patience, penetrating oil, and light tapping. But I’m not sure.
(See pic 2a)

3. There are two screws whose function eludes me. The first comes right through the platen. The second seems to be meant for holding the pin on the fancy cast arm on the right hand side of the press, but there’s no hole in that pin to receive the screw, so it keeps working itself (slightly) loose. Doesn’t seem to be a problem, but leaves me thinking I might be missing something. Am I missing something?
(See pics 3a and 3b)

4. I need to clean the ink disc (and the bed, too). I put some rust remover on the disc. it cleaned the exposed metal, but it did nothing for the slightly raised surfaces. I guess they are caked on old ink or rubber? I’m thinking to soak it in mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. Is that the right thing to do?
(See pic 4a)

Thank you for your help.

-James Nowak
Ontario, Canada

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Yeah, you’re missing a casting and spring. You can see some of it here: and by the way this is a Sigwalt, not a Golding.
It does not attach to the part you mention. It goes on the gripper rod and mounts in the very middle. A spring attaches to the missing part and a eyelet mounted on the round base. The spring causes the missing part to follow the casting you wondered if something attached to. Yes, tap out the gripper rod and straighten after soaking in penetrating fluid. The two screws you point out have been added by someone. The function of the one going through the platen is not clear to me. I agree the other one looks to hold the pin, but that is not how it was originally done either. Pins were peened to stay in place. Not sure if you mean the screw is working loose or the pin is working loose. Yes, to your final question. Use a solvent that you have that works on removing the ink. I use super clean. It works very well.

@John Falstrom

Thank you for weighing in!

I found a picture of the casting that you told me I’m missing. I bet the chances of ever finding one of those for sale, etc. are pretty slim. For the time being, I’ll get it working without the grippers, and see how it goes.

Glad to know those other screws and tapped holes are someone’s afterthoughts. Though I wonder why they would have done that…..

Will post some photos here once it’s printing.

Thanks again.