Small Table Saw for Letterpress work?

I recently retired from UA Fort Smith, where we had a nice kerning saw for letterpress work, among other equipment that i now get to do without! Anyway, I was thinking that a small table saw would work, if it would make accurate cuts up to 1” on hardwoods for replacing furniture, cutting mounted plates, general use, etc. I have seen a few online, and of course, quality and prices vary. The most important items, it seems to me, would be smooth cuts that are accurate and repeatable. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Hammond Gliders or Trim-O-Saws are the best all-around print shop saw since they have a micrometer adjustment and cut both wood and type-metal. You can even kern type on them. Ben Franklins are nice enough, but lack the sliding bed, so are not as versatile. A small contractor’s saw may look attractive, but lacks the precision of a Hammond. Best of all, you can usually find a Hammond for less than the cost of a brand new contractor’s saw.

Yup, Hammond is the way to go… do a google search, they are out there for sale.

Thanks. I should have mentioned that I have limited space and cannot accommodate the usual letterpress saw, like the Hammond. That would be nice to have, but I simply have no room. My solution would have to be a small table top model. I realize I would be giving up all kinds of desirable controls, but I honestly don’t need full functionality just to cut the occasional plate or piece of furniture.

Hammond did make a bench-top model. It had a sliding table, but the saw blade does not retract. Great little saw, same micrometer controls.

Miller also makes a very nice small tabletop printers saw. I have one and can attest to it’s value. It has the sliding top and is incredibly versatile and accurate. No comparison to a wood workers table saw.

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Did you ever find a small saw?

I’ve got a sweet little type saw; diminutive with a small footprint. Laclede Mfg. Co. It’s been sitting in my barn waiting for someone to claim it. Needs some cleaning up and, most likely, a new belt. I am in Vermont.

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The photos are displaying oddly — stretched wide. If anyone is interested in this, email me and I’ll send on some photos.