Old rubber-base ink

I have several cans of VanSon rubber base ink that must be 20+years old. They all have the plastic cover inside the lid but some are a good bit stiffer than others or than I expect. Are those just setting up in the can? I thought that rubber-base inks don’t do that.

Or, are some just naturally stiffer than others? I’m talking the difference between a sort of thick goopy syrup and cold margarine. (Haven’t had a chance to roll out some of the stiffer ones.)

Would a tiny bit of mineral spirits or the like thin them out? I hate to toss nearly full cans if they might be usable.


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Boiled linseed oil, if the ink isn’t too far gone. Here’s an earlier discussion.

Ah, thanks for that. Turns out I have both boiled linseed oil and, I think, some of the Sterling varnish.