Heidelberg Windmill Factory Service Manual

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First post. I am grateful for this site. It has proven very a invaluable resource. Thank You

I have a well worn Heidelberg that I am starting to use. Many years ago I printed on one that was near mint. This one is another story. Many many impressions have been made with this one.

Is there a Service Manual for the Heidelberg Tiegle (Windmill)? I don’t mean operators manual or parts list. A car comes with an owner’s manual & there are parts lists at the auto parts store. There is also a factory service manual for every car. Is there an equivalent service manual for a Tiegle?

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That’s a good question. I have really scoured the marketplace for something like that (i.e., something far more detailed than the manuals commonly available) but never found any such document.


The Letterpress Commons website has an Original Equipment Manuals section that has a parts manual for a 10 x 15 Windmill I believe.

My guess is that if a service manual was published it was only distributed to authorized dealers & service technicians. There wouldn’t be many in the first place and even fewer that got outside the control of the dealer network.