Gtp help

Hello friends, I have a request that maybe one of you can help me, I need a photo of one page from the operating manual of the Heidelberg machine, thanks to whoever can help me

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Only gtp !!

Hi N,
What page do you need? I’ll poke around? Do you know the year of your machine?

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure no manual was ever issued for just the GTP (Grosser Tiegel Prägen) model. Does it have the inking apparatus and rollers or just a foil and heater device and reinforced parts)?

Hello c, thank you for your message, are you sure that the “GTP” doesn’t have book ?

I have never heard of one specifically for the GTP but I believe “bppayne” in this forum mentioned he once had one or saw one (a very thin booklet). Your best bet is probably to ask printing museums, etc. like Frank Romano at the Museum of Printing in Massachusetts - they have quite an extensive library and may be able to help you. They are at Good luck!

we have a parts book for GTP, what are you looking for?

Can I ask for scan this book? Thank you

Send the museum an email, and we’ll send both an operation and parts book scan to you. look up howardironworks web site

Dm you , thanks