New cutter blade

Anybody have a lead on where I might order a new blade for my 1907 23-inch C&P paper cutter? (One of my blades has really breathed its last.) My regular sharpening guy doesn’t seem to know, and various vendors I’ve tried online have not been able to help. Any ideas welcome; thanks!

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Google “machine knife manufacturers” or “industrial knife manufacturers” in your area. If the companies you contact can’t help you, ask about others who have been in business a long time. Some of them have a stock of old knives they have accumulated over the years. If they don’t have the exact one you need, maybe they can modify one of the ones they do have. For instance, it is common for them to drill additional sets of mounting holes in blades so they can be sharpened a few more times before they are too short to use.

Here’s a company which, I think, lists your blade:

Good luck

Thanks, Geoffrey!