more scams

Only order my rollers off eBay other sights are scams
I see my Todd’s Press Time LLC rollers showing up on more scam web sights.
you can click on my name here or I moved everything to eBay they have been good to me.

Obvious things are price, I cannot make them for there price and I see 25 sets in stock. I make 6 sets of common rollers at a time. There is no way to ask questions only buy on these scam sights.

image: 70321482476__087347ED-B8ED-4154-8533-E5F790B114DF.jpeg


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Todd is great, here is email.

[email protected]

I want to put in a good word for Todd as well. He is great to do business with, and makes great rollers. He also made me a new roller hook to replace a broken one on a press I was restoring.