Where to buy a 1.5” bore pulley?

Hey fellow printers! Wondering if anyone knows where to buy a large V-belt pulley with a 1.5 inch bore hole to drive my new C&P. Grateful for any leads, I’ve searched the internet up and down with no luck.


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from the best hardware company in the world:


I have an 8 x 12 New Style C&P. To avoid a heavy-duty motor, extra flywheel, and belt I came up with a different way of motorizing my press. You can see a video of how I did it on my website.
Under, Motorizing the Press. The purists hate it, but it works great.
You may also find some parts for traditional motorization at https://www.cookkettlepress.com
Steve V.

Where are you located? If in the country, farm supply stores usually have them. If in the city, check industrial supply stores.

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