Where do I find Spanish Characters in lead type?

Hello fellow lettepress printers! Does anyone know what lead typefaces or type foundries include letters with accents and tildes? I have some broadsides I want to print with a poet who uses both English and Spanish words in their poems. I did a quick survey of M&H type foundry’s catalog but couldn’t find a font off the bat. Are there any type foundries in Mexico or Latin America that might help? Thanks!

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We have fonted Spanish characters in mainly 6, 8, 10, 12 pt ATF faces. Do not mix the ATF foundry type with type cast by Monotype or other casters such as used by M&H. But M&H has a fantastic collection of matrices for many foreign languages including Spanish that can be ordered. Just give them a call to see what they can offer. Their catalog is just the beginning of what they have.

Skyline type foundry has Bernhard Fashion with accents

I don’t have any lead type in my collection but I have type metal. ;-)

One that I use a lot is Romanee, which has accents and tildes I use for my Spanish language projects. I would surmise these could be useful for most European languages compatible with a Roman font. Hope that helps.