Need dimensions & specs of Kelsey 9x13 rollers


I need the physical dimensions of rollers for a Kelsey 9x13.

The game is to see if they’ll fly on the 1874-vintage George P. Gordon 9x13 that I’m preparing for use. The present roller dimensions are: roller stock/shaft: 18.75”x7/16” (LxD); roller material: 14.5”x1-7/16” (LxD) centered on stock; trucks lay in close to the roller material at 15” apart & roller arms are 17 inches apart by the bed. The present roller trucks are Morgan C&P 8x12 trucks. One truck locks to one end of each stock by a roll pin that’s been driven through the shaft at that end; the other truck just rolls along for the ride.

If I can use Kelsey 9x13 rollers, I can get ‘em fresh & rubbery from NA Graphics for a bit under $90 each. Not cheap but a darn site easier ‘n getting 10x15s and havin’ them turned down.

Nils R. B. Young
The Tagalong Press

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