Where to find Trucks for Sigwalt Nonpariel no.24

I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find trucks for a Sigwalt Nonpariel no.24? I’m considering buying one, but one of the trucks is missing and don’t want to buy it if I won’t be able to replace the missing truck. However this is the tabletop press I REALLY want so any help would be so much appreciated!


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Hello Dolcetta,

I would start by looking in the Briar Press yellow pages, in the Equipment/parts section. There are some good potential sources there. You might have to email them a picture of your truck, and measure the principle dimensions of it (inside diameter of the hole for the roller shaft (or core), outside diameter, width, etc).

Another alternative would be to get a local machine shop to make you one. Most roller trucks that I have seen are pretty simple and would be easy for a local shop to make. You are lucky that you have one, because they can use that one for a pattern to get the dimensions off of. Just be sure they know you need the old one back. I would be sure I got a good feeling about dealing with any shop you visit, because if they delay, and lose the one truck you have in the meantime, it would not be good of course. If the old truck has defects and is worn, it might be a good idea to get two new ones, to avoid creating printing defects due to using the old, worn truck with the new one.

Hope this helps, Geoffrey

Thanks so much Geoffrey, this does indeed help. I’ll look around and see what I can find out… I’d hate to give up buying this wonderful press just because of a silly truck! Thanks again for responding. ;o)

I had trucks made by Tarheel Roller company for my mystery press and it was no big deal.

Thanks Lynn, I finally ended up having the trucks machined by a local machine shop (a company called “Pro CNC” in Bellingham, WA). They were fantastic and since I already had a truck for them to model after they were able to duplicate it precisely. The Sigwalt trucks are made out of steel and are pretty different than some of the trucks I’ve seen for other presses so I’m glad I had one to model after. If anyone would like to see it, I’d be glad to post a picture - thanks everyone for your comments!