What to buy???

I recently purchased an OS C&P 10x15 that is in good working condition but I was wondering what I need to get started. I’m not sure what the clips are called to fasten the paper in place but are those necessary to have? Where do I purchase them? Also, is there anything else I absolutely need? Also, are there any eco-friendly cleaning products that I can purchase to clean m press? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Do you mean by clips the guide pins or gauge pins that you put in the typman paper to register your prints? NA Graphics and others sell those.. You typically need 3, two for the bottom and one for the left hand side.

If you dont have Typman paper you will need that too (it goes on the platen) is held in place by bails.

Search the archives you can find some cleaning tips..

You need to get a oil can and oil it good (each and every time you run it) you should be able to find a oiling chart on the internet if you need help finding the holes (some are a little hidden..)

other things you will need.. Grippers (they are metal and attach to the gripper bar with bolts they keep your paper from being ripped into the press. Not always needed though. You might also need gripper fingers, little things that clip onto the grippers.. If you get creative you can find things and make them work.

If you can go visit someone with a press and you can learn a lot in a short time! (and see what things look like..)

quions & keys, chases (if they didnt come with the press).. Furniture, Ink.. Paper..

Here is a link to a list of “things” you need to get started. John Barret in MA created a list for beginners such as me. It is really nicely done with categories of must haves and things that will eventually find its way into your shop: http://www.letterpressthings.com/things.htm

Another great resource is: http://www.fiveroses.org/intro.htm, it lists several excellent books & resources to purchase various letterpress supplies.

Thanks for the links - a great help for beginners!

Hi! I am restoring an C&P OS and have found that Krud Kutter works wonders! It will however take off the paint.

I have been using the Vinegar and Lemon Juice to soak parts in. Works Great for rust, old ink, and dried grime. I use an tall kitchen plastic garbage can, the generic Lemon juice and Vinegar. I use 2 big containers of lemon juice to 1 big container of vinegar. I left my chase and ink disk in for 2 weeks! It was a shame to have to cover the shine with new paint!