question about the treadle

I recently purchased an 8x12 C&P old style press. The previous owner had a motor hooked up to it and there is no treadle attached or did it come with it. I would like to purchase one, but when I was looking at buying one it said to make sure it you can hook one up to your press before purchasing. My question is can anyone tell me exactly what I am looking for. I just assumed that all these presses would be set up to use one.

Thanks in advance

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If you will go back about two weeks in the discussion list here at Briar press, your question will be answered. It depends on when your press was made and how the treadle fits. In fact, you may be able to buy the treadle from the previous lister because she could not get it on her press without major modifications. Look in general discussion list.


The shaft that runs across the press (the one connected to the flywheel) has to have a crook in the middle of it to accept the treadle hook. Some presses have a straight shaft, with no crook. They were designed to be motorized.

Thanks guys, like a dummy I posted a question with out doing a search. I didn’t find the one you were talking about mike, but I did find some other useful info. Thanks to you both.

I recently started restoring an 8x12 C&P for our museum. The tredle is there but not attached. Looks like removing a pin will help that…My question: Where do you buy rollers for this press? The old ones are SHOT!

Composition rollers can be purchased from Tarheel Rollers. They also now make rubber ones, I think. But I bought my rubber rollers (also for a 8x12 OS) from NA Graphics. Both should be listed in the Yellow Pages section here.