Lettra Inconsistencies

I’ve been printing on the Lettra, almost exclusively, since tinkering with it over a year ago. I was thrilled with it then, not so much with it now.
I’m finding that the finish of the stock is really inconsistent and am wondering if I’m going crazy or if other printers have found the same to be true.
For instance, I have some fluorescent white in stock that was cut late last year that is much warmer in color than what I’ve received recently. The finish then — over much of last year — was quite soft and noticeably textured on one side and fairly smooth on the other.
Now I’m finding that it is universally compressed, almost indistinguishable from one side to the other, and strangely rough to the touch, and doesn’t have the loft that originally made me a fan.
The envelopes also seem to fluctuate in various degrees from quite smooth to quite rough, and I can’t have clients — who are more savvy than they were two years ago — approve samples that turn out to be vastly different from the next shipment.
Basically the new lots are totally unremarkable and inconsistent — moreso with the fluorescent white — and I need something better.
Anyone else? Assuming that price doesn’t matter, can anyone suggest alternatives? The only qualification is that there be envelopes to match. I am concerned with quality and consistency only. Arturo and Pescia were my standard stocks two years ago, and while I think the latter prints beautifully envelopes are an issue.

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We use quite a bit of Letta as well—always the pearl white—and I have noticed the same thing. I would say well over 90% of our Letta has been of the highest quality, but every now and then I get a sheet which appears almost identical on each side. The texture is flat but a little fibrous in appearance.

Luckily I have not noticed any noticeable change in color/tone of the shipments since we started using the paper.

I too would be interested in hearing about any alternatives as we would like to have a wider selection of paper that we could count on.