Challenge Paper Cutter

Hi everyone,
I’m in the process of buying a Challenge cast iron 26 1/2” paper cutter and I’ve been looking online for some links to information about the machine. having a hard time finding any. Anyone know of a good place to find some info on it?
Thanks a lot!

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It is a paper cutter. What do you need to know? As long as the movement is smooth and you find a place to sharpen the blade you should be fine.

Check to make sure there are no cracks in the cast iron and that everything that moves is working like it should.

That is about all that is really important. a 26” paper cutter is a great size by the way!


Some of the standard works on letterpress printing, especially Jackson’s book for industrial arts classes, explain procedures and techniques for using this type of paper cutter and I would definately recommend them.

When I first got my 26” Chandler and Price cutter I looked for information also, especially on how to adjust the knife, etc. These kinds of technical questions were not discussed in any of the standard works I had. But I looked at the Challenge Machinery website and they offer pdf downloads of the operator’s manuals for their paper cutters. They no longer make the model you are getting of course but the information provided for one of their manual tabletop models covers knife setting and other things that apply to most any paper cutter. Here’s the link:

When you get there go to the bottom of the page. I think you’ll be very happy with your cutter; I love mine!


We have this paper cutter but in a 30.5. My father bought it used in 1959 and retrofitted it with a hydraulic mechanism. Although we have since updated, we kept this one in the shop. It is a workhorse. Nice pick-up.

Thank you so much everyone!
Cody- the press is in perfect condition…it’s coming from people that really gave it great attention:::no rust, no cracks

Rich- thank you for the tip about looking on Challenge’s website… I will def. download that!

Bill- good to know that these are workhorses- that’s what everyone keeps telling me