Polymer plate question - Vandercook vs. Pilot

I recently got a C&P Pilot in my studio and I’m very excited to make a print with it. Before Pilot, I used to print with Vandercook using polymer plate.
I talked to one of staff at the boxcar company and she recommanded deep relief plate for my Pilot. Does anybody know any way to use regular polymer plate using deep relief boxcar base (which is slightly lower height)?

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I use the standard boxcar base and plates on my Vandercook as well as my C&P Pilot and Kluge. You must be good at setting your ink roller pressure. I am sure you can underlay the base to bring it up to height.
The other benefit is that the thinner plates are less expensive.



Depending on how much wear you have on the Pilot rails it may be a simple matter of trial and error. If the rails are worn they will be less than type high… which is basically what you would need them to be if you wanted them to ink your standard polymer. I believe there is a .02” difference. It’s best to overbuild the rails with tape and slowly remove until you find the height at which the rollers kiss the plate.

Hope this helps.