PROCEED AND BE BOLD! A Documentary about Letterpress Printer, Amos Paul Kennedy

Dear Briar Press Community,

My name is Laura Zinger and I am almost done making a feature-length documentary about Letterpress printer, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

It will be completed and premiering in Chicago in May, 2008.

If you would like to find out more about this documentary and see the trailer, you can go here:

Amos has been incredibly inspiring to me, and I hope that some of you might find him inspiring too.

Good Printing!


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Hi Laura,

I’ve just seen the You-tube trailer for this documetary, and am VERY interested in seeing this film for myself. Do you have any longer-term plans yet to bring this film or DVD to the UK ?




Will you post the date and place of the premier in Chicago? There may be some of us who could possibly arrange to take it in if not a private showing.


If you are interested in seeing this documentary in Chicago or otherwise, you can email me and I will give you more information!

I’m so glad to hear about your interest!

Laura Zinger

We have just received word that the documentary “Proceed and Be Bold!” has been completed and is being shown at screenings and film festivals. The trailer can be seen in the first post in this thread or on the website below.

Current locations include Oak Park, IL on September 20th, Tuscaloosa, Alabama on September 26th, Naperville, IL on September 27th, November 12th at The Newark Public Library, in Newark, NJ.

For more information on the specific locations or how to host a screening, visit the website at . A DVD is also available.

image: film.jpg


When you say you’re showing in Tuscaloosa…at the university or at Kentuck?

The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa County - “Proceed and Be Bold” documentary about local artist Amos Paul Kennedy presented by the Arts Council and the Kentuck Art Center at the Bama Theatre, admission charged, 7:30pm, 758-5195.”

Ah the Bama. I had my first dance recital there.

We’ll try and check it out. We’re in Birmingham, but would love to see it. Thanks!