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Careful makeready can help get the...19 Oct
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The pawl is manually held in place as...28 Sep
Whenever the press is engaged, the...24 Aug
By the way, does anyone need some wedge...9 Aug
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If you use a soft "cushy" paper as is...21 Jul
Use a minimum amount of ink to get the...9 Jun
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I have good success with an Epson...15 May
If the paper has a good deal of surface...29 Apr
Your reference to Gamblin makes me...8 Mar
My lockup bar is the newer style, but...8 Feb
I owned a 12x18 Craftsman C&P with a...4 Feb
Mr. Parallel is correct, it's a section...3 Feb
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If you wished the border color to be...19 Dec
I have used Auto Body epoxy with some...18 Nov
You can always mix in a bit of varnish...8 Nov
Oh, Oh. You really are asking for...8 Nov
It seems likely that the plate was used...7 Nov
That press is an Eastman Kodak Heat...15 Oct
You might try using an aggressive...9 Sep
If someone has sorted and fonted the...2 Sep
I don't know of any small hand-operated...2 Sep
The URL below is to a manual for a...1 Jul
Make certain your off cut is not...11 Jun
Generally the wood type cabinets have...9 Jun
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